Doña Laura Chinchilla points out in her Facebook page the achievements of Costa Rica in recent decades, placing the country as one of the 30 best countries in the world to be born and second in Latin America.

Costa Rica is also one of the top 30 countries worldwide for aging and fourth in Latin America, according to a report by the the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, Cuba.

From The Economist Euorpe's Teat Party print edition
From The Economist Euorpe’s Teat Party print edition

The presidenta cites the The Economist “Lottery of Life” report that includes a chart of “Where to be born in 1988”, listing the top 48 countries in the world. Costa Rica did not make the 1988 list.

According to The Economist, the United States topped the list in 1988, dropping to 16th in 2013. Switzerland, number 13 on the list in 1988 is number one in 2013. In 1988, France, West Germany, Italy and Canada followed the U.S. But, in 2013,  France droppe to 26, Germany to 16 , Italy to 21, and Canada is 9th.

The Presidenta writes “the social policy of our government has emphasized the comprehensive early childhood care and seniors. The Red de Cuido (care network) has increased 50% coverage for children and 75% coverage for seniors.

“We still have many challenges to face, but we must move forward on what we have built and not retrace our steps.’

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