Image from the The Panama Papers - The Secretrs of Dirty Money
Image from the The Panama Papers – The Secretrs of Dirty Money

The Costa Rica Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados in Spanish) said on Monday that accusations against honour in the case known as Panama Papers must be carefully analyzed.

The warning was issued by Juan León, Attorney from the Bar Association, during an appearance before the legislative commission investigating the local implications of the case.

The attorney said that generalizing can lead to mistakes and stated that appearing in a record does not necessarily have legal implications, and stressed the need to respect the principle of innocence and asked legislators to close loopholes for tax evasion.

León also added that this does not mean that corporations and business relations with companies in other countries are inadequate.

In a post by Q’s own Rick Philps, on Facebook has this to say, “It must be remembered that ‘The Panama Papers’ do not indicate anything more than the names of parties who have offshore companies registered in Panama, which is not a crime. The ‘Papers’ do not show anyone to be guilty of tax evasion, which would have to be the subject of a separate inquiry, on a case-by-case basis.”


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