Photo from City of Gentlemen
Photo from City of Gentlemen

(QBUSINESS) In 2015 Panama led the importation of footwear and related materials in the region, with US$234 million, followed by Costa Rica, which imported US$155 million, and in third place Guatemala, with US$154 million.

Data from the report Foreign Trade Office on Shoes, similar articles and related materials, prepared by Business Intelligence Unit at shows that in 2015 the countries of the region imported $757 million, corresponding to a volume of 84,484 tons.

Of the total tons bought in 2015, 96% corresponded to footwear and 4% to related products.

Exports of the Central American countries together totaled US$94 million, led by El Salvador, from which 3,373 tonnes were exported, equivalent to US$50 million. In the case of El Salvador, there was a decrease of 7% in sales compared to 2014.

The second largest exporter in volume and value was Guatemala, which in 2015 managed to sell abroad 5,360 tons of shoes and related products, generating US$30 million in revenue. provides detailed information on the import and export of shoe soles, rubber soled footwear, waterproof footwear, footwear with uppers of rubber, leather and textile, leggings, and shoe parts, among others.

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