COSTA RICA NEWS — Bill number 18.928 approved by the Comisión de Asuntos Sociales de la Asamblea Legislativa (Legislative Committee on Social Affairs) requires IT and computer professionals to join a professional association to be able to obtain work.

Photo for illustrative purposes.
Photo for illustrative purposes.

The bill, called:”Adición de un artículo 3 Bis a la Ley Orgánica del Colegio de Profesionales en Informática y Computación, y sus Reformas”, sets out that private and public institutions can only “licensed” techs incorporated into the relevant College of IT professionals,  a body similar to Colleges licensing lawyers, accountants, doctors and other professionals.

One legislator, Otto Guevara, of the Movimiento Libertario, said he strongly disagrees with the bill and will do everything possible so that the bill is not approved by the Legislative Assembly.

The legislator explained that if approved, it would affect thousands of IT experts, increase the cost of hiring a computer tech and increase unemployment in the sector.


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