Costa Rica News – Costa Rica and the other Central American nations are on alert to prevent expansion into the region of cholera outbreak in Mexico.

Due to the outbreak in Mexico, we need the consensus of the region, as national measures are not enough, according to Costa Rica’s ministerio de Salud (Health ministry), a sentiment common to other Health ministries in the region.

For the moment, Costa Rica will maintain only the actions of surveillance.

The concern in Costa Rica is the national soccer team’s game hosting Mexico on Tuesday (Oct 15). Health officials  this week launched an anti-cholera campaign in hotels that will be hosting Mexican fans.  Health officials took the similar precautions during the 2013 Central American Games in San José last March.

As of last Monday, Mexican health officials had reported 77 confirmed cases of cholera in that country.

No cases of the disease have been reported so far in Costa Rica

El Salvador has not registered cholera cases since 2000, when up to 629 persons were reported with that illness, recalls the newspaper.

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