The Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s top tourist destinations.

COSTA RICA TRAVEL – Yet another website is promoting Costa Rica  as the top of  “the 10 Happiest countries in the world.”

According to, the world is just full of happy people, from one stretch of the earth to the other. Yet, some countries do seem to have a higher concentration of local joy and satisfaction than others, featuring traits like high life expectancies, booming economies, and great education.

The website asks, “what’s the secret to these happy countries – is it the location, environment, politics, culture, or just something in the water?”

While we may never know the precise reasons, using data from various resources like the Happy Planet Index, the World Happiness report, and Forbes’ list of happiest countries, we can at least let you know what the 10 happiest countries in the world are.

Then, all that’s left for you to do is pack your bags, pick a country, and make your move.

1. Costa Rica
2. Norway
3. Denmark
4. Switzerland
5. Vietnam
6. Canada
7. Netherlands
8. Sweden
9. Finland
10. Australia

EarthPorm has this to say about Costa Rica:

Not only does Costa Rica abound with natural beauty, from the sandy beaches and ocean waters to the volcanoes and lush rainforests, but the people of this army-free country also report having one of the highest life satisfactions in the world. With a high life expectancy of 79.3 years, locals get to enjoy the pleasant living for years and years. It’s no wonder that their local saying, “pura vida”, loosely translates to “life is good”.


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