Q COSTA RICA – Costa Rica continues with the highest fuel prices in Central America.

The Price of a US gallon of super gasoline is US$4.05 in Costa Rica, while in Honduras it is US$3.69, in Nicaragua US$3.58, Guatemala and El Salvador US$3.06, and Panama, with the lost, US$2.81.

According to the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador, the current reference prices for gasoline and diesel fuse are trending downwards due to supply and demand, on the demand side, there is less economic activity in the world, especially in China, while on the supply side, as a consequence of a rapid recovery in unconventional oil extraction from wells in the United States and a slow reduction of inventories of this nation have caused a decrease in prices.

In Costa Rica, the above doesn’t seem to apply. Although there is an expected decrease in fuel prices for next month, the price at the pumps has seen a steady increase in the last several months.

Price in US dollars per one US gallon: (Diesel / Regular / Super)

  • El Salvador US$2.38 / US$3.06 / US$2.82
  • Guatemala US$2.35 / US$3.06 / US$285
  • Honduras  US$2.96 / US$3.69 / US$332
  • Nicaragua  US$2.83 / US$3.58 / US$3.58
  • Costa Rica US$3.14 / US$4.05 / US$405
  • Panama US$2.38 / US$2.81 / US$2.90

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