201508092250471.MaMNotacolonQCOSTARICA – The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) – Costa Rica’s Central Bank – believes that there is a high probability that in the coming quarters the Costa Rican economy will still register low inflation rates.

From a statement issued by the Central Bank :

The Board of the Central Bank of Costa Rica has kept the monetary policy rate at 3.0% a year.

In the 5700-2015 session of 16 September 2015, the Board of the Central Bank analyzed the economic situation of the country and, based on its authority, kept the level of the monetary policy rate (MPR) at 3.0% a year. This decision was taken in a macroeconomic context where the following stands out:

I. The world economy still shows dissimilar performance between countries and, in general, shows moderate recovery, conditioned among other things by uncertainty introduced by the signs of fragility in emerging economies . In addition, there is a continued absence of inflationary pressures (in part due to the low prices of raw materials), as well as lax monetary policies in the major nations of the world, characterized by low interest rates, liquidity programs and credit stimulous to the private sector.

Source: Centralamericandata.com

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