Costa-Rica-Exports(QCOSTARICA) The exit of Intel manufacturing operations in Costa Rica caused a dramatic fall in the exports from free trade zones in the last year.  However, discounting the electronics components sector, imports actually rose 12.7% in the same time period.

The total exports from free trade zones went from ¢2.8 billion colones to ¢1.8 billion a drop of 26.3%.  Besides Intel and electronics components, other sectors also showed a decrease: serums, medical prosthesis, fruit concentrates, electrical supplies, electrical cables, textiles, and clothing.

A cushion from the blow of Intel exports and other sectors falling has been the number of people employed in free trade zones providing services, who earn 73% higher salaries on average than those employed outside of the free trade zones.

Taking away the electronics components sector, exports rose from 1.6 billion colones to 1.8 billion, a 12.7% increase.

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