COSTA RICA EXTRA – The Costa Rican film “Viaje” scored its first praise from the international press on Wednesday, Stephen Holden of The New York Times calling it “the best entry I’ve seen in the competition”.

The 70-minute black-and-white film by Costa Rican director Paz Fábrega, shown at the Tribeca Film Festival that began Wednesday is the least characteristic of the selections, says the NY Times.

The romantic drama brings Pedro (Fernando Bolaños) and Luciana (Kattia González), couple who meet at a costume party and impulsively embark on a camping trip during which they share their thoughts and feelings about love and relationships. The outing is a bittersweet romantic idyll trip to Rincón de la Vieja, whose outcome is a question that hangs in the air.

“There is no happy ending in this lustrous movie that celebrates a sweet, playful moment shared by two people who know how to live in the present and savor what life has to offer,” says the NY Times.


The film is playing in Costa Rican theaters.

More on the film is available on their Facebook page or official website.

It will also be presented (free of charge) open air theater of the Galeria Escazu on May 2.


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