In 2013, a total five women died at the hands of their “significant” other, while ten others were killed by someone with whom they maintained some sort of relationship.

79893_6202014, however, the situation is grim.

Four women has suffered the same fate in only the first three weeks of the year, a situation causing concern for authorities.

The INAMU – the National Women’s Institute – said it is launching an aggressive campaign to curb violence against women and to urge the public to report any type of aggression against women.

The Delegación  de la Mujer (Office of Women) provides specialize support for women facing violent situations at home, with legal, social and psychological support that includes:

  • Counseling, guidance and legal support to file complaints under the Ley contra Violencia Doméstica (Domestive Violence Act)
  • Advice an guidance in family law with respect to alimony, divorce, etc.
  • Sexual orientation harassment in both the workplace and at home
  • Social care specialist
  • Group care support for women and mothers victims of spousal and sexual violence

The INAMU is located in downtown San José, from the main entrance to the Museo Nacional, 75 m south on the Bulevar del Circuito Judicial.

The offices are open from 8am to 4pm weekdays, the phone numbers are: 2255 1368 and 2233 7895, email at

Emergency calls to 9-1-1




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