Q COSTA RICA – Inspired by the notion of longevity led Chanel’s research and technology team to study the Blue Zones of the world, those with the largest population of centenarians in good health, regions where people live longer.

Chanel’s Blue Serum harnesses powerful active ingredients, incorporating active ingredients derived from the green coffee of Costa Rica (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant), olive of Sardinia (polyphenols and fatty acids) and lentisk of Greece (oleanolic acid).

They found that there are common lifestyle factors that influence longevity and cellular mechanisms that affect aging, including a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity, good stress management, and a narrow social structure.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones were first defined by a couple of researchers who determined longevity hotspots of very long-lived folks on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Sardinia, Greece, Japan and amongst a bunch of Seventh Day Adventists in California.

Their common characteristics are fairly stress-free lifestyles, a high consumption of plant-based foods, a moderate consumption of alcohol, antioxidants and physical activity.

Chanel’s Blue Serum is expected to reach stores in Costa Rica in March.

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