COSTA RICA NEWS –  A visitor to Costa Rica returning to her home Arizona sent this letter to The Daily Courier in Prescot.


My family recently returned from a fabulous trip to Costa Rica and, wow, were we impressed.

When it was noted that there were steel bars and razor wire on many windows, a fellow traveler expressed the sentiment, “That seems better than guns in the streets.”

Our guide, taken aback, noted that there is no private ownership of guns in Costa Rica and neither he, nor anyone he knows, had ever fired one.

This led to high fives all around.

The truth is, the Costa Rican military was disbanded in 1948 and the money has been distributed primarily to the people for education, environmental and welfare programs. There is no private hunting, and killing of native species is prohibited by law.

It seems to be working. The countryside is beautiful and, for the most part, there is pride of ownership with tidy houses and clean roadways. The locals, or Ticos, seem happy with welcoming smiles and a warm manner.

Before anyone starts in about me moving there, I have to say I Love America and choose to live here for many reasons. I just wish our violent nation with more murders and guns than any country in the “civilized” world would look within and take a lesson from this gentle nation. A change of heart seems to be in order.

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“What you Do unto the least of Us, You do unto Me.” – Jesus Christ

Linda Lutes
,Prescott, Arizona

Source: The Daily Courier

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