Villa Pool Jacuzzi, Malpais, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA – Do you love pools? If so, right here in Costa Rica there is one of the 10 best pools in the world for rent on Airbnb.

AirBnB may be best known for its myriad of affordable apartment listings, but the site is also stocked with some truly luxe accommodations. Who knew, for example, that in addition to all those spare rooms for rent that there were romantic Tuscan villas, Balinese compounds or the infinity pool at Villa Pool Jacuzzi, right here in Costa Rica, in Mailpais, Puntarenas.

At US$250 a night, the infinity pool (11 meter x 5 meter) with beach entry comes with a 2 bedroom house, with privacy absolutely guaranteed. Click here for more info.

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