garment_and_apparel_sectorQCOSTARICA – Six companies lead the list of textile importers in the country, where 14% of total imports correspond to nonwoven man-made or synthetic fibres.

The Costa Rican Chamber of Importers reports that “… this type of fabric (nonwoven synthetic filaments), weighing only 25 grams or less per square meter is 12.5%, followed by dyed fabrics with 3.3%. ” The remaining 46.8% is represented by the heading ‘other’, which does not specify the type of fabrics in this group.

Rodolfo Molina, president of the Costa Rican Textile Chamber, told that “… Nonwovens synthetic fibres are among the most purchased because they are very functional for industries which have grown a lot, such as sport.” In general, the purchase of textiles in the country is destined for “…wholesale and retail distribution, for the manufacture of uniforms for various institutions, development of hygiene products, articles in the construction sector and the medical industry. ”

Mario José Crespo Llobet, manager of wholesale and marketing for Tiendas LLobet, said that “… a large percentage of finished product imports has reduced clothing manufacturing in the country, but there is a significant portion of the market that specializes in making uniforms and custom apparel.

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