Costa Rica managed to sneak in among the 20 nations of the world that most protect the environment and promote social development, according to the first edition of the Laudato Si Environmental and Social Development Index.

The ranking analyzed 127 countries and in the case of Costa Rica distinguished it as the only emerging economy and as the only Latin American nation to position itself in the prestigious top 20.

This also places the country the best nation positioned in Central America and second in the continent, surpassed only by Canada.

The measurement was made by the Universidad Católica in partnership with Viva Trus, Incae Business School and Progress Social Imperative.

Aspects such as access to health and services, air quality, water, and discrimination policies were taken into account; that is, not only actions to protect the planet, but also for human and social development.

This is included in a note on humanistic integral ecology, which in the case of Costa Rica was 77.35.

This ecology is composed of two dimensions: the common good (where aspects of basic needs and opportunities are seen) and the care of the common home (composed of the performance and environmental balance of each country).

In these two aspects, the country reached scores of 82.33 and 72.37; respectively.

This index took into account the situation of around 6.7 billion people, which represents 93% of the world’s population.

The top 5 in the world:

1. Finland
He is the leader of the ranking to reach a note of integral humanistic ecology of 87.51. In common good it obtained 88.26 and in care of the common house 86.77.

2. New Zealand
The country obtained an environmental score of 85.43. In the common good dimension it reached 88.03; while in that of care it obtained 82.83.

3. Australia
In this first index it obtained a score of 85.36. Its highest dimension was common good at 86.78; while care reached 83.94.

4. Sweden
The other European country to appear in the top five, thanks to its score of 85.30. In common good it got a 86.58 and in care 84.03.

5. Canada
America’s only country in the top 10. Canadians obtained an environmental score of 83.14 and 84.09 in commong good and 82.18 in care.


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