The Costa Rican Legislative Assembly on Tuesday passed two projects that emerged from the protests this year of gastronomic workers and drivers.

[blockquote]Compulsory Insurance for motorcycles reduced
Tips not to be part of waiter’s salary[/blockquote]

With 36 votes in favour and six against, Legislators established a reduction to the “compulsory” insurance for motorcyclists, which will be a fixed rate of ¢7,000 colones (about $ 13 USD) as of January. The shortfall is going to be made up by increasing the insurance cost on all other vehicles.

Motorcyclists took to the streets in protest soon after the cost of the 2013 Marchamo was announced by the state insurer, the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS).

The other endorsed provision excludes the amount of tips as part of the basic salary of waiters and other workers in the restaurant industry, explained the deputy of the Libertarian Movement, Mariela Alfaro, who presented the bill.

Abolished was a previous decision to include tips in the salary, which caused many employers fired employees to force them to sign contracts establishing work on a commission basis.

The new regulation, supported by 43 legislators and only two against, prohibited from withholding tip for more than a week for cash and a month in the case of credit cards.

These initiatives still need the signature of the Presidenta for publication in the official gazette.

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