Photo Ronald Perez, La nacion
Photo Ronald Perez, La nacion

(QCOSTARICA) Various projects for generating electricity from waste have been waiting for the new regulation, which states that only waste which can not be recycled, reduced or reused may be incinerated.

Municipalities are now able, with these newly approved rules to reactivate projects that have been on hold since June 2014, when the moratorium went into effect. According to the National Association of Mayors and Municipalities, at least half of them are interested in mechanisms to generate electricity from waste.

Gilberto Monge, vice president of the ANAI and mayor of Mora, told that “… the decision benefits the companies concerned, it gives them legal certainty. He said about 40 firms around the world have tried to enter. ”

In addition to the municipalities and mayoral offices, the regulation allows private companies to use waste that can not be recycled or reused to generate energy for self consumption.

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