Costa Rican model Adriana Corella is now a free woman and back in Costa Rica, after a Nicaragua court released her after only serving 1year and 4 months of a 4 year sentence for money laundering

Q COSTA RICA – A free woman and back in Costa Rica, Adriana Corella, says she is ready to close the page on the last year and four months of her life, is calm and doesn’t hold any grudges against those who criticized here.

Sentenced to four and a half years in prison in Nicaragua for money laundering, tied to an international drug trafficking known as Operación Cacique, Kathia Adriana Corella Rojas, was released only after serving one year and four months (most of it in preventive detention).

Immediately following her release, she was expelled from Nicaragua. reports,  “the judge of the Sixth Criminal District for Execution of Sentence and Penitentiary Surveillance, María Concepción Ugarte, ordered that model Kathia Adriana Corella Rojas, sentenced to four and a half years in prison for money laundering, be released and deported to her native Costa Rica.”

According to the report, following the judge’s order signed on March 23, 2017, the Fiscalia (prosecutor’s office) requested her immediate expulsion from the country.  The Costa Rican model is banned from entering Nicaragua for the next ten years, if she does, she will be ordered to complete the sentence imposed.

According to a report by La Prensa, Corella travelled by bus and was on Costa Rican soil at 10:30am on Friday, March 31, at the Peñas Blancas border, where she was met by her daughter and several family members.

The model was accompanied to the border by the Costa Rican consul in Nicaragua, who handed her a ‘salvo conducto’ (temporary travel document) so that she could cross the border, reported El Nuevo Diario.

Corella was arrested in Nicaragua on December 3, 2015 along with 6 others – including two other Costa Ricans – in a condominium in Managua.

On her Facebook page, Corella writes, “Surely I made mistakes, as the human condition is, but I can say that none of them carries the seal of complaint, even though I know everything they have said about me. On the contrary, I know of comprehension for my accusers, because it is more useful to forget me than to persecute.”

Corella says she will now focus on family, especially her six-year-old daughter, friends and some personal projects.

“I extend great thanks to my lawyer Dr. Enrique Gaitán and defense advisers, Mr. Henry Said Gaitán, Licda. Leyla Isabel Galo, Lic. Bryan Isaac Gaitan who with God first and justice gave me the joy of changing my situation,” she wrote in her social media profile.

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