There's got to be bananas somewhere
There’s got to be bananas somewhere

The Swedish furniture company, Ikea, fills a jungle kitchen with monkeys just to see what will happen, as part of the company’s “Wonderful Everyday” ad campaign from Mother London.

Howler, Capuchin and Spider monkeys all around.

The 90-second video, features lots of real monkeys –  Howler, Capuchin and Spider monkeys – set loose in an Ikea Metod kitchen, which has been set up in the middle of a rainforest, filmed at the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Costa Rica.

Does harried mayhem ensue?

Damn right!

You don’t put monkeys in an ad for any other reason. T

hey scamper and explore, trying out all the fixtures and climbing into every cabinet and drawer.

At one point, a fridge full of bananas bursts open, much to the cast’s delight.

From misbehaving monkeys to the partnership with the incredible Jaguar Rescue Centre, this behind the scenes video will give you a glimpse into IKEA Monkeys ad.


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