Amateur restoration of 20th century Ecce Homo style fresco depicting face of Christ is seen after Gimenez took it upon herself to restore it in BorjaQCOSTARICA – Sign of the times. The Banco Nacional (BN) is offering an insurance policy for purse snatching and theft of a wallet, cell phone, glasses and even perfume up to a maximum of ¢750.000 colones (US$1.400).

The insurance allows two claims a year, but, the second can only be for half of the policy coverage.

Should the insured suffer injury during the robbery, he or she is entitled to an extra ¢50.000 colones (US$92 dollars).

The cost for the protection is ¢5.370 monthly (US$9.95) for coverage up to ¢500.000 and ¢8.270 (US$15) for the maximum of ¢750.000. The policy is issued by Sagicor insurance company.

At the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR), they offer a policy called “Bolso Seguro” (Safe Bag).

The BCR coverage is for the bag (and its contents) to a maxim of ¢150.000 colones (US$277.) and any purchases up to ¢250.000 (US$462) made on a BCR credit or debit card stolen with the purse.

The coverage cost is ¢3.750 (US$6.95) or ¢5.000 (US$9.25) monthly depending on the maximum coverage purchased.

In all cases, those affected have to file a complaint with judicial authorities (Organismo de Investigacion Judicial – OIJ).

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