The Orquestta Sinfonica Nacional (Costa Rica National Symphony Orchestra), for the first time in its existence, has been nominated for a Latin Grammy. The nomination, announced Wednesday, is for a composition on the album Bossa Nova Sinfónico  released last July and recorded during presentations March 21-22 at the National Theater.

The presentation is directed by the Orchestra’s regular conductor, Jeremy Fox. It is competing in the category of contemporary classic and is called Oberatura Jobiniana by Rafael Piccolotto of Lima, Peru.

The disk contains 13 compositions with a distinctly Brazilian beat played by the 73 musicians on the Orchestra. It was mixed at Median Studio in Miami before being mastered by Sterling Sound in New York.

Interior of Teatro Nacional, San José, Costa Rica
Interior of Teatro Nacional, San José, Costa Rica

Guillermo Madriz, director of the National Music Center connected with the orchestra, said, “I think this is recognizing all the effort and dedication of these musicians. It’s a great project that they attained along with international artists lead by Carlomagno Araya and a great achievement for Costa Rica to be nominated…”

Madriz noted that, “For many years, the orchestra has not recorded and this project (the album) we did with the greatest care in the world, probably with a technological handicap compared to most national orchestras in the world.”

Other nominees in the same category are Anderson Freire, Southwest Chamber Music, The Havana String Quartet and Carlos Franzetti. On its Facebook page, the orchestra exulted, “We did it for Costa Rica!” The Latin Grammy ceremony is set for Nov. 21.

Source: iNews.co.cr