Uruguayan pot is now legal, and state-run (AP Photo/Matilde Campodonico)
Uruguayan pot is now legal, and state-run (AP Photo/Matilde Campodonico)

QCOSTARICA – Costa Rica is on the list of countries the Washington Post recommends people should move to if Donald Trump is elected president.

The publication says where to go to flee the Trump administration depends on what you like least about the idea of it.

According to Washington Post, when Donald Trump won most of the Republican presidential primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday, the prospect of the former reality-TV star taking the oath of office in January became a little bit less theoretical. That notion apparently prompted a surge in Google searches for the phrase “how to move to Canada,” which got 350 percent more popular as Tuesday evening went on.

We’re reminded that people swore publicly that they’d flee the country if George W. Bush was reelected in 2004 or if the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010.

But only the tiniest fraction of those who threaten to quit the country actually do it.

So if don’t want to fight wars under a President Trump, the Washington Post recommends Costa Rica.

A sunset in your peaceful new home (AP Photo/Kent Gilbert)
A Costa Rica sunset in your peaceful new home (AP Photo/Kent Gilbert)

The Washington Post says that Trump has talked tough about punishing the Islamic State and other militant groups with merciless bombing and is generally very keen on beefing up the U.S. armed forces. (He’d “bomb the s—” out of the Islamic State and “take their oil” for good measure.)

For pacifists tired of endless war, there’s a country that is technically incapable of it: Costa Rica where in 1948, the nation abolished its military and to this day has no standing army, air force or navy.

It maintains only local police forces.

And to Costa Rica’s credit, it remains one of the most prosperous and stable nations in Central America.

Other countries in the world where you may want to claim asylum include:

  • Bhutan

    In case you find his coarse behaviour obnoxious.

  • Malta

    If you don’t thinkg he’s tough enough on abortion.

  • Uruguay

    If you trust the federal government more than private industry.

  • Canada

    , if you like the idea of people being “politically correct,” or rather, not offending each other.

  • Iceland

    If you think he’s a misogynist, and you want a country that appreciates having women in charge.

  • Finland

    If you prefer your press free.


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