QCOSTARICA BUSINESS – A subsidiary of a Chinese cement company was registered in the country in November and since December preparations have been made for changes to the regulation of cement sales, making the shelf life of the material more flexible.

The company Sinocem de Costa Rica SA, part of the JCB Group, is looking to import cement into the country taking advantage of “… The longer shelf life which allows the long journey from China and would provide a margin for its sale.”

Juan Carlos Bolanos, president of the JCB Group, told that “… At this time I can import this material only for my own consumption but once the regulations have been modified, it could be marketed. Construction is one of the most important indicators of a country’s development. By bringing in cement from Sinocem, Costa Ricans will get a discount of approximately 15%. ”

In light of the possible drop in cement prices, Welmer Ramos, chief of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, added that “… I can not guarantee lower prices. It is a market where I can intevene to determine prices. The main argument is the opening up of the market in order to achieve consumer benefits, offering different varieties of cement. ”


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