77492069QCOSTARICA – President Luis Guillermo Solís will be Limón on Monday for the start of construction of the mega container port project in Limón by APM Terminals.

The President has made call to the dock workers union, the Sindicato de Trabajadores de Japdeva (Sintrajap), to rather make a call for a strike action or blockades, to focus on the positive to the get the project completed.

The new container terminal is being built by the European company APM Terminals at a cost of US$1 billion dollars. APM has a 33 year concession for the project.

At the heart of the Sintrajap objection to the project is the “exclusivity” clause. The union says the clause could mean lost jobs in the Caribbean province.

Ronaldo Blair, head of the Sintrajap union, said he expects President Solís to be “equally diligent to modify the exclusivity clause in the operation of the new terminal.”

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