Costa Rica and in particular San José, is putting its best face foward for Thursday as international delegations begin to arrive to take part in Thursday’s inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solís as the country’s next president.

The Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz (CNFL) is completing the installation of flags along the autopista General Cañas, from the airport to the La Sabana.

The work is being carried out around the clock, at some times creating some congestion. But drivers don’t seem to mind too much, given that the presidents, ambassadors and delegations from around the world will have their eyes on our country.

Museo de Arte Costarricense
Museo de Arte Costarricense

Another highlight of the beautification progams it the illumination fo the Museo Nacional en Cuesta de Moras, in downtown San José, the Cancilleria – the Foreign Ministry building or yellow house as it is also referred to and the Museo de Arte Costarricense, in La Sabana.

The Museo de Arte is the building on the east face of the Sabana park, what was once the control tower and terminal for Costa Rica’s international airport.

The CNFL says it will be using LED type lighting to ensure energy efficiency and low power consumption.

The transfer of power (traspaso de poderes) is being held at the Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) on Thursday at 10am. The actual handing over of the presidential sash from Laura Chinchilla to Solís won’t occur until noon.

On Wednesday night, Doña Laura will be hosting a cocktail party at the Museo Nacional, a farewell gathering of ther government and special invited guests, starting at 7pm.

Museo de Arte Costarricense once served at the control tower terminal for the country's international airport.
Museo de Arte Costarricense once served at the control tower terminal for the country’s international airport.

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