Rafael Bonilla, director general de Aduanas.
Rafael Bonilla, director general de Aduanas.

QCOSTARICA – Different tariff policies from the rest of the region and inadequate infrastructure at border posts do not facilitate the country’s integration into the Customs Union.

Authorities at the Customs Department claim that they have identified the aspects that need to be worked on and improved in order to achieve integration with other countries in the region. However, “… The fact that each country has its independent free trade agreements with other nations creates a risk to free passage as represented by a customs union. ”

The Director General of Customs, Rafael Bonilla, told Prensalibre.cr that “… we have already clearly identified the elements that must be adjusted in order to change that. One situation we want to improve is infrastructure. The current infrastructure at border posts is quite limited and very old, limiting the rapid transit of goods. Another aim is achieve coordinated work between the authorities of the two countries that share borders, which will also speed up the process. ”

He added that “… We are very realistic and we believe in giving space so that all these elements can be adjusted and eventually, when this is ready we are thinking about forming a customs union, because the issue of the level of integration of a customs union entails not only having a common external tariff, but also provides for a series of other bilateral initiatives. ”

Source: prensalibre.cr

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