Los miembros del SICA se comprometieron a fortalecer el sistema y buscar una mayor transparencia. (Cancillería de Costa Rica. )
The members of the SICA committed to strengthen the regional political bloc and to more transparency. Photo Costa Rica Foreign Ministry.

Costa Rica has rejoined the Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (SICA) – Central American political bloc – six months after abandoning it over a disagreement about Cuban migrants.

Costa Rica’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Alejandro Solano, made the announcement on Thursday during the XLVII Cumbre (summit) taking place in Honduras. that it had agreed to return to the Central American Integration System following a summit in Honduras.

Costa Rica had left the SICA in protest at the refusal of other countries to cooperate in finding a solution to the Cuban migrant crisis, when 8,000 Cubans were stranded in Costa Rican territory by Nicaragua’s decision to close its borders to them.

Eventually Costa Rica was able to negotiate an air bridge with neighbours and Mexico to bypass Nicaragua, allowing the migrants to reach their intended destination, the United States.

The government of Luis Guillermo Solis demanded reforms in the way the SICA works as condition of rejoining the regional body.

On Thursday, the countries agreed to a report that includes a list of SICA staff salaries, budget, income, regardless of origin and to present a roadmap of actions necessary to strengthen the SICA, and increasing transparency,among other things.

Deputy Foreign Minister Solano streets that the SICA should respond “more efficiently to the political, social and economic challenges in the region.”

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