1258204.largeCOSTA RICA NEWS – Costa Rican dairy farmers have denounced the fact that in the region regulations are not met nor are specifications on labeling and product features.

The Chamber of Milk Producers (Spanish: Cámara de Productores de Leche – CPL)) argues that there are companies in the region that are replacing animal protein with plant protein, or decreasing the percentage of fat in exchange for lowering the price of the product, which is not in compliance with the requirements and standards set out in the Central American technical regulations.

The president of the CPL, José Antonio Madriz, Crhoy.com told that “… This creates unfair competition and it is a deception for consumers, who in some cases do not have sufficient information, because only a small sticker is put on [the product]. The regulations state that the sticker size be one millimeter and nobody can read that. It is a mockery and for that reason there needs to be clarification …. ”

“… The regulations were approved by the Council of Ministers of the Central American Integration and presented to each of the sectors. In the case of dairy farmers, the work is lead by the American Federation of Dairy Producers and 18 or 20 regulations have already been approved.”

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