Manitoba’s Premier Brian Pallister wants Free Press to apologize. Pallister is refusing to answer questions regarding taxation issues about his Costa Rican property and threatening to sue the Free Press for its coverage of the story.

Premier Brian Pallister is threatening to sue the Winnipeg Free Press for its coverage of a story regarding taxation issues with his Costa Rican property.

Pallister has refused to discuss whether a company he owns owes payment of a luxury tax on his Costa Rica vacation home and has threatened the Free Press with legal action unless the paper apologizes for its story, his lawyer, Robert Tapper saying in a formal notice under the Defamation Act delivered to the Free Press Friday, “These articles by their ordinary meaning of the words contained or the innuendos of same, create the impression that Premier Pallister flouted the law of Costa Rica, ignored tax obligations and did not make tax payments that were due and owing.”

Putting the Free Press on notice is required by Canadian law before any defamation suit can be filed.

Source: The Winnipeg Free Press

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