sugarspoon-5ee1d9cf2615c976d34480051e0cba6762f7cf81-s6-c30(qCOSTARICA BUSINESS) The Costa Rican sugarcane and sugar industry claims that imported sugar from Brazil is coming in at below market price.

“The pratice known as dumping should be prohibited, causing a serious threat to the national production,” says the Agricultural Industrial League for Sugarcane (Liga Agrícola Industrial de la Caña de Azúcar  – LAICA), in asking the Minsitry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio – MEIC) impose provisional and permanent measures against the practice.

According to LAICA, dumping creates an effect of illusion where the consumer perceives a better price for the imported product, in the beginning; but in the medium and long term prices will rise, allowing the imported to increase a stake or acquire a market position, based on unfair trade.



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