COSTA RICA NEWS  – Confirmed is the first “Costa Rica Open of Surfing” will take place on the 6th and 7th of December in Playa Hermosa, south of Playa Jacó, on the country’s central Pacific.

The event will offer cash prizes worth over ¢8 million colones in winnings. The Costa Rica Open of Surfing hopes to attract top surfers from all over Costa Rica to compete for high cash.

“The Open Of Surfing Costa Rica is a reality, right now we are focused on the logistics involved in an event of this size. Our objective is realizing the dream to surf in Costa Rica and promote the tournament as a national brand,” said Alejandro Fonseca, at Life Productions.   See Facebook page

The tournament will open the Open, Junior Men and Open Women categories, which will be handed out $ 15,000 and will be the Open, which takes more money for the amount of surfers that are expected to be competing in this division.

The competition will be executed by the team of the Federation of Surf of Costa Rica, also has the support of this body that among other things, be responsible for putting the best judges in the country to score a competition you want to run in professional format.

Source: Momunental; Prensa Federación de Surf; Life Productions

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