COSTA RICA BUSINESS NEWS —  While dockwokers at the Moín port of Limón took to the streets last month, in a protest strike against the alleged monopoly to be created by the megaport contract awarded to the Dutch company, APM Terminals, little attention has been given to the other port project at Moín.

Americas Gateway Development Corporation (AMEGA) is the company – together with major contributions from Canadian, British and American funding – which proposed the project to the government of Costa Rica the construction of a container transshipment port with an investment of $900 million.

The Solis administration has recognized and supported the project which was presented in 2007.

It consists of a container transfer terminal to be built on land to the north of the existing port of Moin, with at least a dozen cranes and eight-way simultaneous berthing.

The cargo to be mobilized would not be destined for Costa Rica but instead transferred to smaller boats which would then that it to its port of destination in other parts of the continent, with the advantage of proximity to the Panama Canal.

An article in BNamericas in 2012 reported that, “the transfer terminal will have capacity to mobilize 2 million TEUs (twenty-foot intermodal container) a year with a 1km pier, an access channel leading to the port of Moín with a depth of 19 metres and berths for three container ships of about 14,000 TEUs.

BNAmericas said the Amega terminal project will not be in direct competition with APM because it will serve a different market and perform cargo transfers for up to 14,000 TEU container ships, larger than those currently in service or future vessels.


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