The government is preparing a decree of a shortage in order to authorize the duty-free import of 25,000 tons of beans, for the period between June 2018 and May of next year.

Costa Rica produces just 21% of the approximately 48,000 metric tons of beans consumed per year. The rest is brought from abroad and does not pay entrance tax, since in each period the shortage is declared. Photo: Mayela López / La Nacion

As happens every year, the National Production Commission (CNP) must authorize the duty-free import of the grain, to cover the annual demand of 48,000 metric tons that can not be met with local production.

“.. Costa Rica consumes around 48,000 metric tons of beans per year.  Of that volume, around 10,132 dry and clean tons are produced in the national territory which covers only 20.83% of national consumption, therefore the remaining 79.17% has to be imported, detailed a CNP report issued on August 21.”

“.. However, the entity in charge of analyzing the bean market found that there was an inventory held by traders of 13,359, on June 1 of this year.  This reduces the import requirements for the next productive year, which begins precisely on the first day of June. 

The CNP estimates that on this occasion, it will be necessary to import about 25,000 tons to fully meet the demand expected for the period.

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