Costa Rica expects to join Peru, Mexico, Chile and Colombia in the Pacific Alliance in May, according to Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel Gonzalez.

The Pacific Alliance was formally set up in 2012. It aims to further develop trade between the four nations, while also serving as a platform for building relations with fast-growing Asian markets.

Gonzalez, in Lima for the Pacific Alliance conference, said that Costa Rica’s entrance to the group will be finalized in an upcoming meeting of Pacific Alliance presidents in Cali, Colombia.

“Costa Rica is a country that shares the objectives of the Pacific Alliance,” Gonzalez said. “We are ready to join. I hope that we are invited to be part of the alliance at the next president’s summit in Cali.”

Costa Rica has previously expressed interest in joining the Pacific Alliance and is currently participating as an observer country.

Other observer countries include Canada, Japan, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Uruguay and Panama.

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