Costa Rica currently produces potato table, which has characteristics for use in industry. Already progress in the development of new varieties destined for agribusiness. | RAFAEL MURILLO
Costa Rica currently produces table potatoes, which has characteristics for use in industry. | Photo Rafael Murillo, La Nacion

QCOSTARICA – The idea is to take advantage of the growing consumption of french fries in the country, cultivating varieties suitable for industrial use and then processing them and competing with the 18,000 tons which are imported every year.

The Ministry of Agriculture (MAG – Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería) together with the University of Costa Rica (UCR – Universidad de Costa Rica) and the union of potato farmers are aiming to develop and adapt tuber crops for industrial use, because the variety currently produced is designed for table consumption and not industrial use, therefore they plan to start trying different cultures, which are suitable for undergoing the frying process. reports that “… The UCR and the National Institute for Agricultural Innovation and Technology Transfer have already carried out studies in the laboratory and they are now running tests in the field. In the highlands of Cartago they are testing varieties for industrial use, while the Chamber will begin a feasibility study for the industrial plant. ”

“… This jointly formed plan aims to develop suitable varieties for industrial use and set up a plant where the tuber can be processed. Costa Rica currently imports 18,000 tons of the pre-fried food mainly from Canada, the USA, Belgium and Holland. ”

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