Portugal is the latest of European countries with direct flights to and from Costa Rica. Starting in April, the Ávoris travel operator, part of the Barceló Business Group, will begin weekly flights between San Jose and Lisbon.

The new flight was confirmed Thursday by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT).  This sums up to nine airlines flying from the ‘Viejo Continente’, as Europe is referred to in Costa Rica.

The flight will be by the Evelop Airlines, branded as evelop!, also part of the Barcelo Group, will be on an Airbus 330-300 with a capacity of 388 passengers. At first, the flight will be operated as a charter, but it is expected to later become a regular flight.

“The decision of the Barceló group, to fly to Costa Rica by way of the Evelop airline, is the result of a strategy that includes the strengthening and permanence of the airlines, the attraction of visitors to the country through new tourism products, and the development of tourism infrastructure,” said Tourism Minister Mauricio Ventura.

For his part, Ricardo Fernández, Marketing Director of Ávoris, said that Costa Rica has developed as a very attractive destination for many tourists from Portugal and Europe in general.

So far in 2018, this is the second airline that announces its entry into Costa Rica. On January 2, the South American Latam opened its first direct flight to Peru.

Also, Volaris Costa Rica announced that it will open direct routes to the United States (Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC), starting next March.

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