QMENTIRAS – The unexpected success by Costa Rica’s national soccer team, La Sele, over Uruguay on Saturday caused huge losses in casinos and sportsbooks around the world, but mostly in Las Vegas, where so far the losses amount to several billion dollars worth.

betting slipBetters could not believe the results. “We did not expect this, the odds were thousands to one, but for some strange reason, 3 people bet in favor of Costa Rica and there was nothing we could do, but pay”, said a spokesperson for one of the largest casinos in Vegas.

In Costa Rica, where sports betting is illegal, pushing the practice underground it is unknown of the scale of the losses.

One of the winners in Vegas, betting against the odds, was Robert Green. He told the media that when he bet on Costa RIca when he say the CR flash across a casino screen.

Another player, who preferred to remain anonymous after winning US$200 million dollars, also admitted to betting on the Ticos “by mistake”. The player said he was completely drunk at the time when placed the bet and admitted he knows nothing about ‘futbol’ (soccer) and that when he woke up he found a piece of paper with the bet. “I almost died of a heart attack”, said the man when he learned of his winnings.

A third player to break Vegas, though he will not show his face given that he is being sought by some “serious” people, said he had red the odds wrong, believing the pay out was 3-1 for and not against Costa Rica. “Why would anyone in their right mind bet US$10.000 to win US$3.000?”, said the man who is thanking his lucky stars for the win, or he would be in even more serious trouble with…

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