Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro

Q COSTA RICA – Participants in the Cultural Meeting for the Youth and Trade Union Unit of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (Encuentro Cultural por la Unidad Juvenil Sindical y Popular de Centroamérica, México y el Caribe), that took place in Sam Jose, Costa Rica, expressed their solidarity with the Bolivarian government and the Venezuelan people.

‘We strongly reject any intervention that undermines the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the right to self-determination of the Venezuelan people,’ said the manifesto of solidarity with the Bolivarian government and the Venezuelan people.

The text points out that the true Venezuelan people fight day by day for the most felt needs of the Venezuelan people and that they have given repeated shows of solidarity with the brothers and sisters of Our Americas.

“The Bolivarian Revolution is the revolution of our people and our hope,” says the text, approved by the vice-presidents and coordinators of the World-Central American Trade Union Federation, at a meeting held at the Recreational Center of the National Union of Employees of Caja y Seguridad Social (Undeca).

“Due to the serious situation that our Venezuelan brothers and sisters are going through, as they are threatened by imperialism and the nefarious right wing present in many governments of Our Americas, we express our solidarity with the Bolivarian government.”

Participants in the Cultural Meeting charged that ‘in other countries there have been cases in which the constitutional framework was violated and no angry statements were made, much less from the Organization of American States (OAS), a discredited body that has failed.

Present at the closing session of the meeting, which took place from March 30 to April 1, were Ambassadors Danilo Sanchez (Cuba) and Venezuela’s ambassador to Costa Rica, Jesus Arias, as well as other officials from those diplomatic missions, members of Costa Rica’s solidarity groups and the president of the Association of Cuban Residents in Costa Rica, Juan Meza.

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