COSTA RICA NEWS – A Costa Rican woman, Claudia Romero Chacon, is in serious condition in a French hospital after she lost control of her horse, slamming head-on into a tree during the first loop of the Alltech World Equestrian Games (WEG) endurance race, which took place in Normany, France.

Claudia with Dorado before competition.
Claudia with Dorado before competition.

Alltech Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) , said the accident occurred about 45 minutes into the ride, just 400 metres from the 14-km checkpoint.

“Claudia is stable: blood pressure, heart, oxygen. We won this battle with prayer, but the war continues, ” said Claudia’s husband Juan Diego Villegas.

Dorado, a 12-year-old Arabian gelding, Dorado suffered a head injury and died instantly, officials said, but further details were not immediately available. A necropsy will be performed, per FEI guidelines for such situations, the organization said.

Romero 37, was conscious when transported to a nearby hospital. She has undergone surgery for fractures and internal injuries, WEG officials stated. She is in serious but stable condition.

Two other riders were also injured during the endurance race. Isha Judd of Uruguay fell from her horse and sustained a fracture in her right femur. Additionally, Alberto Morales Morales, also of Costa Rica, was taken to a nearby hospital for observation after complaining of neck pain at the end of the first loop. No information on the condition of their horses has been released at this time.

A thorough investigation into the accident is underway, officials said, but WEG veterinarians could not provide further details until the investigation is further along, the FEI told The Horse.

Sources: The Horse: Al Dia; Diario Extra

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