Four Costa Rican treated with microsurgery gave testimony yesterday. From left to right: Silvia Gutiérrez (a reconstruction of half of the face); Laura Jean Carlo Romero Aburto and have new jaws, and Aida Gamboa was completely rebuilt tongue. | CARLOS GONZALEZ
Sivlia Gutiérrez (left) is one of four Costa Rican treated with microsurgery in Costa Rica. The others from left to right of Silvia, who had half her face reconstructed, is Laura Romero who has a new jas, Aida Gamboa with a completely rebuilt tongue, and Jean Carlo Aburto also with a new jaw. | Photo: Carlos Gonzaliez, La Nacion

COSTA RICA NEWS — Silvia Gutiérrez, now 39, suffered a tumor that disfigured half her face. Today, two years after Costa Rican surgeons at San Juan de Dios Hospital used microsurgery to restore her disfigured features, she looks normal and can live her life normally.

This was one of four cases presented at the hospital as examples of successful microsurgery. Ms. Gutierrez was the first person in Central America to undergo reconstruction of half her face. Her 14 hours of surgery used techniques on a microscopic level to unite bone, muscle tissue, far and blood vessels.

In her case, the bone and muscle used in her face transplants came from her leg. “When I had the illness,” she explained, “I had a lot of pain… Now, there’s no pain, no medication, no pills. Recuperation has been slow but, thank God, it has gone well.”

Specialists also demonstrated reconstruction of the jawbone of two cancer patients.and another woman whose tongue was completely reconstructed. As Dr. Josias Juanita, a leader in this kind of surgery, explained to La Nacion, it is complex, minuscule and followed by a long period in intensive care.

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