EINPresswire.com/ — Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad- Millionaire Ann Marie Puig’s donation of 24 prosthetic legs adds impetus to the organization’s mission of providing those in need, with physical mobility.

Many people feel that philanthropy is about affluent foundations that donate bushels of money. Yes that is an important part- but it’s just one face of the donation coin. The other side of the philanthropy coin is about individuals giving their time, care and help to the causes that they believe in and support, which is what makes our world a much better place to live in.

Some people are flamboyant in their methods and the whole world will know how they engage their money, which organizations they donate to and what causes they support. And then there are some like Ann Marie Puig who are subtle in their ways and continue making a difference to people’s lives in their own quiet way.
Ann Marie Puig is a millionaire and a philanthropist extraordinaire. She treads the path of charity and philanthropy in a very committed and resolute manner. She gives to many causes and does so with a great deal of passion. She seeks no approval and is not hungry for fame. This is what makes her exceptional and her actions and charities noteworthy.

Every penny that goes into various causes like the donation of 24 bilateral prosthetic legs that were made very recently to the Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad, is given with the sole reason of making a difference and being the change. But she does this in the most nonchalant manner and you know that Ann Marie Puig firmly believes that when you give your possessions- you give but very little and that true giving is about giving oneself.

She has worked unfailingly and very closely with the Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad and donated 24 bilateral prosthetic legs that were made from recycled material, to the people who have functional limitations. Typically, leg prosthesis can cost anything in the range of US $5,000- $10,000 and in some cases, these costs can escalate to $35,000. There is a recurring cost associated with prosthetic limbs as normal wear and tear renders them useless within 3-4 years. This makes her donation even more meaningful.

Ann Marie Puig has wholeheartedly, selflessly and in her own special giving way, waltzed into a world where she knows she can gift someone mobility. Her donation to Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad’s cause is an indication of the immense passion and zeal that she works with, for the betterment of the Costa Rican people.

Ann Marie Puig will probably never know which needy people were the recipients of those limbs but she believes that no person has lived today until they have done something for people who will never really be able to repay them. And even as her simple generosity touches the lives of many – she goes about doing all the good she can, truly, generously and with admirable strength.

The New York headquartered IIDI is a staunch promoter of citizenship as well as social inclusion, and it focuses on human rights and inclusive development. Its regional headquarters are in Costa Rica, San Jose and Rio de Janeiro.

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