COSTA RICA NEWS — Costa Rican pineapples could soon be heading for China following a visit by Ministro de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (Foreign Trade Minister) Alexander Mora, to the Asian country last week to strengthen trading ties between the two nations and widen market access for Costa Rican agricultural products.

Miniser Mora in Tainjin, China. Photo: COMEX
Miniser Mora in Tainjin, China. Photo: COMEX

Minister Mora participated in the annual meeting “New Champions” in Tianjin, on the invitation by the World Economic Fourm (WEF) and the XVIII International Fair on Trade and Investment and the International Investment Forum of China, in the city of Xiamen. Mora’s official tour took him to several cities in China.

The subject was discussed during a meeting between Mora and China’s Viceminister Sun Dawei of Chinese on how to speed up the process of establishing phytosanitary protocols to permit Costa Rican products to enter China.

“With the protocol for pineapples and langostines in the final stages of negotiation we talked with the vice minister about the importance of finalising the deal and continuing discussions on other protocols that will enable us to diversify our exports,” Mora said.

“We are very pleased with the results of the meeting, during which both parties reiterated their commitment to fulfilling the objectives we have set ourselves.”

Costa Rica has been part of a Free Trade Agreement with China since 2011 which has already paved the way for exports a number of agricultural products including bananas.

Sources: Ministerio de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (COMEX): Fruitnet

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