If operators get authorized, turning on cellular date on your post-paid plan could become expensive

QCOSTARICA – Users of post-paid mobile (cellular) data may soon see a change that could make it much more expensive to download movies, music, etc.

All three mobile operators: Claro (America Movil), Movistar (Telefonica) and Kolbi (ICE) had requested authorization from the telecommunications superintendency, the SUTEL, to charge subscription clients per data download.

The method applies to all users of pre-paid plans from August 2013. But post-paid plans have no limit on the download, charges are based on the speed or a flat rate.

If authorized, the per data download could start as early as November.

This is not the first time operators have requested the change. Twice has the SUTEL has held public hearings (a requirement) on the per data download model, each time the process delayed to appeals, that were later rejected.

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