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COSTA RICA SPORTS — Surfing is hardly a major sport, even in countries with two ocean coastlines like Costa Rica, but this country is shining in the World Surfing Open in Peru. No fewer than four local surfers won four of their five heats Wednesday to advance in the standings.

The star competing at Punta Rocas off Lima, Peru, are Leilani McGonagle, Lisbeth Vindas, Maykol Torres and Anthony Fillingim. McGonagle and Fillingim have achieved such results in their preliminary rounds that they are assured of no lower than ninth place.

Vindas and Torres meanwhile have had to struggle for their continued participation in the tournament. The competition started with 22 countries represented by teams but by Wednesday only half remained. Costa Rica was ranked in fifth position on Wednesday. The tourney ends Saturday.

Although not as well placed as their teammates, Vindas and Torres had possibilities of coming out with medals by mid-tourney.

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