(Prensa Latina) Costa Rican outstanding artists, academics and groups of solidarity with Cuba on Saturday welcomed the new condemnation at the United Nations General Assembly of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.

former minister of Culture, philosopher and intellectual Arnoldo Mora
Former minister of Culture, philosopher and intellectual Arnoldo Mora

The former minister of Culture, philosopher and intellectual Arnoldo Mora said that the vote that took place two days ago at the UN is a success for Cuba, but also for international law, and must serve every effort to solve any dispute or conflict in the international arena.

What happened at the United Nations ‘is a triumph of civility, of the best values as a source of inspiration and hope for a humanity that is thirsty of lasting peace based on justice and respect for the dignity of all peoples,’ said Mora.

He considered that this result is due to the heroism and strict commitment of the Cuban people and their leaders to the principles and humanistic values applied to political work.

The Cuban Revolution is the heritage of humanity, he said.

Cuba was supported by 191 UN member states in condemning the US blockade, without no votes against and only two abstentions (U.S. and Israel).

Meanwhile, the prestigious Costa Rican singer Dionisio Cabal noted that with the Cuban unquestioable victory ‘humanity takes another step along the path of its own redemption.’

For his part, Jose Alfredo Pineda, former dean of a regional headquarters of the National University of Costa Rica, highglighted Cuba’s strength to face the economic, financial and commercial war launched by the United States with the intention to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

Cuba’s resistance, decorum, vision and political patience will overcome the blockade, due to its inhumane and illegal features, he said.

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