Costa Rica's Johana Solano was one of the 10 finalists in the 2011 Miss Universe
Costa Rica’s Johana Solano was one of the 10 finalists in the 2011 Miss Universe

(COSTARICA EXTRA) Phrases like “the misses of each country are not to blame for what happened”, and “they should not be pay for the sins of others” are some of the comments echoed by experts and director of Miss Universe franchises around the world, about the absence of Costa Rica in the next Miss Universe pageant.

Thus far, only Mexico and Costa Rica have formally announced their absence, boycotting the event because of xenophobic statements by Donal Trump against Mexican migrants.

Puerto Rican Grace Fontecha, responsible for five “Miss Universe” crowns hinted that changes in the Miss Universe organization may be made soon.

Fontecha says that the Costa Rica decision may have been premature and that the “Misses” are not to blame. “We must not react emotionally … things can change completely. I think that Trump may at one point sell the franchise, pretend that he sold or delegate it to someone else,” said Fontecha.

In Puerto Rica, Fontecha says officials are waiting it out to see what happens before announcing a decision either way, but, most likely will be at the Miss Universe.

Costa Rica’s neighbours, both Nicaragua and Panama, have said they will be at the Miss Universe.

Guillermo Escobar, director of Miss Spain, told Viva (La Nacion) that he respects the decision made by Teletica, for its solidarity with Mexico, but says that we should not confuse the context in which the Trump scandal grew.

Escobar reminded that the Miss Universe pageant has been around for 64 years, with only the last 19 with Trump (who purchased the franchise in 1996).

Surprised by the Costa Rica decision and hopes that other Latin American country do the same, is the Nuestra Belleza Mexico, the organization in charge of Miss Mexico.

“Great news from them. I think Costa Rica is raising a voice in a positive and exemplary manner (…),” said Hugo Castellanos, assistant to Lupita Jones, director of Nuestra Belleza Mexico.

Costa Rica’s decision to sit out the Miss Universe, however, is conditional. Teletica, in its statement Wednesday night said that it reconsider takiing part in the Miss Universe if either Donald Trump apologizes for his comments or is not involved in the Miss Universe organization.

If the prediction by Fontecha is correct, Miss Costa Rica 2015, which will be chosen later this month, will be packing her bags for travel the big show.

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