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(COSTA RICA EXTRA) The national musical and comical groups Editus and La Media Docena stage three concerts to pay homage to the classic Argentine humorous musical combination Les Luthiers.

The shows are mounted at the Melico Salazar Theatre at 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 7 p.m. Sunday.

For those who never have had the chance to see Les Luthiers on TV or in person, it is nearly impossible to describe the humor that the group of superb musicians could get from music.

Nor was it all music: one of the most rib cracking skits was an exposition of a classic piece with all the emphasis in the wrong places.

The name “Les Luthiers” comes from an obsolete word for troubadours.

The Argentinian group, very popular also in several other Spanish-speaking countries such as Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela, also made music — very good music — from instruments fashioned of everyday items.

The group began entertaining audiences in Buenos Aires in the late 1960s.

The two Costa Rican groups picked up the rights to reproduce some of the classic “Luthierisms.” This blog recommends the shows for bilingual readers. The only artist who ever came close to them was Victor Borga.

Tickets range from ¢6.000 to ¢20.000 and available at Servimas (inside Masxmenos and Walmart stores) and online at

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