chilipepper-logo-smTHE CHILI PEPPER (Costa Rica) – Following Canada’s lead in trying to reduce the amount of email spam across the country, Costa Rica has adopted an anti-spam /anti-email law in effort for a cleaner inbox for one and all.

The first portion of the Costa Rica Anti-Spam Law (Ley 2014, c. 223bis) goes into effect September 1, 2014, the second portion which includes the application of fines will go into effect on Septemer 1, 2024.

costarica-anit-spamIf you are in Costa Rica or send mail to Costa Rica, you need to know about this law.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Stop sending email messages to those you have not contacted before.

This applies to all commercial and non-commerical emails. Unless you have the implied consent (which is obtained via a prior contact ie, a phone call, or web acceptance, etc) you no longer have the right to send an email message to these individuals, companies or government organizations.

This could have a negative effect on tourism. Potential customers will no longer be able to send emails to say book a vacation or get information on a service. Businesses will have to modify their websites to give visitors and potential customers the express consent to send an email. For example, the website will have to get you to log in and accept terms and conditions authorizing the sending of emails.

2. Ensure your  message is up to standard.

All emails in and out of Costa Rica have to include the Spanish text, translated from other languages if necessary. Messages not in Spanish will be automatically filtered by the email gateways in Costa Rica and be rejected.

3. You need consent.

Before you can send an email to someone in Costa Rica you will have to have express consent. Express consent requires you to contact the receipient that you will be contacting them. You will be allowed one email to obtain the express consent.

4. Keep a record.

It is best to keep a record of all consents. This will come in handy when the fine portions of the law go into effect in 2014.

5. Do your best.

Finally, read up on the law yourself and do your best to comply. We will post here when the law is ready to be downloaded.

Article from The Chili Pepper, respoted with permission. This article is a satire, made up,  not true, all bull. It is meant to entertain and amuse.

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