The Minister of Education, Leonardo Garnier, is aiming to reverse the false stereotype that private schools are better educators over the public school system.

Garnier, who has been in the Education portfolio for two administrations, says, “there is an almost universal believe that private education is better than public. Hard to find someone who really believes in our public schools”.

2665The minister says that high school exam results encourages this stereotype. However, he notes a main different in the number and type of student population.

“Of the 35.000 students in the 2012 final exams, 29.000 came from public schools, representing 83% of the total and about 6.000 came from private or 17% of the total. The average score for public students was 69.2%, while the private student average score was 79.9%”, said Garnier.

But the minister says that the score results prove nothing, because private schools have a shortlist of sudents, while public schools take in all.

Garnier decided to compare the scores of the top 6.000 public school students and comparing them to the private school results.

“The average score for the top public school students was 83%”, said Garnier.

The minister pointed that his comments are not to belittle the work and quality of private schools.

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